What You Should Know about Medical Translations

Medical translations include everything from the translation of medical journals, manuals, case studies, patient records and consent forms to medical reports and medical packaging and labelling. The complex and critical nature of the documents increases the need for a specialist understanding in medical translations. Here are a few translation tips for those who are new to medical translation:

  1. Sufficient knowledge of medical terms, abbreviations and acronyms: Medical terms and terminologies form one of the most complicated and intricate glossaries. Moreover, given the critical nature of medical documents and reports it is paramount that accuracy and consistency is maintained in translation. A small mistake or gaffe can lead to serious repercussions.
  2. Know-how of the medical concepts: Having knowledge of the source and target language alone is not enough for a good quality medical translation. The translator must also have adequate knowledge of the medical realm, acquainted with the latest medical terminologies and should be familiar with the latest developments in the medical field.
  3. An inclination to research: Research is extremely important when it comes to translating for the medical industry. With excellent research capabilities on medical terms, tools and technologies you can make sure that the translated medical copy stands on quality and accuracy.

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