Month: September 2011

Certified Translation Services for Those Intending to Marry Abroad

Persons who wish to marry abroad need to get in touch with the appropriate embassy to clarify what documents they will need to provide and may require certified translation services for. These may include a Certificate of Intention to Marry, which can be attested by a religious or a civil marriage celebrant. This certificate may …

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Recognising Certified Translation Services

The world of business has expanded to include almost any international destination. As a result, the use of certified translation services has increased since more businesses require translations into new languages. Recognising when the translation is a certified service or when it is not performed by a professional can make a difference between the final …

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Obtaining an Official Translation

Any time you have a document that you need translated into another language, you will need an official translation. This is especially true if the document is an official paper such as a contract. Obtaining a certified translation via a professional company or translator is better than trying to work through the translation personally.

Hiring French Translation Services

Anyone who has ever tried learning French can understand that the appropriate pronunciation and wording is an important part of the language. Fortunately, hiring French translation services can ensure an accurate translation that does not result in mispronunciations or wordings that complicate the situation or end up using the wrong word that sounds similar.

Hiring Portuguese Translation

Anytime you need to communicate with someone in the Portuguese language, you might need to hire an official translator. Even those who speak fluent Portuguese can use the translator to minimise the risks of making a cultural mistake or mistranslation that result in being rude to a potential client or partner.

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