Top 3 Myths of the Translation Industry

Translation of your business documents may seem easier with access to online translation tools and your bilingual staff. However, translation is much more than changing content from one language to another word by word. Here are top three myths and misconceptions about translation that you need to know before translating your documents:

You are bilingual? You are not necessarily a translator. Just because you can read and write Spanish and English doesn’t mean that you can become a translator. A translator is an expert in a particular language. He/she understands the nuances of the languages, cultural references and the different dialects in the language.

No translators do not work both ways. Many people believe that translators translate to and from both the languages. The truth is that most of them translate only from one language to another. Proficient translators should have thorough knowledge of the source and the target language and complete understanding of the culture of the target market. This kind of specialization makes it very rare for translators to work both ways.

Thanks to machine translations, human translators are no longer needed. Machine translations may have made it easy to translate thousands of words in seconds but the accuracy and quality of these translations is never guaranteed. Machine translations fail terribly when you try to translate cultural nuances and complex sentences.

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