Tips for a Successful Multilingual Website Translation

As a business operating in more than one market you need to make sure that your customers in each of these markets can communicate with you in their own language. You can start this with effective translation of your own website. Website translation and localization will ensure that your website serves as your best marketing tool and your target audience can trust you and your products.

Carefully choose the CMS: Make sure your content management system is compatible with all the characters of the foreign language that you are planning to translate to. For more compatibility of the CMS with the foreign language characters it is recommended to use Unicode characters.

Make your site bilingual: Another thing to take care of is leaving some parts of the website in English. Consider the demographics of your audience when deciding on which sections of the website should be in English and which section should be in another language. Age of your target audience plays the role of a deciding factor in this.

An effective keyword approach: A multilingual keyword strategy is very essential to making your new website appear in the top search results. Make sure your strategy includes the English keywords as well as their translations in the native language. Local keyword research should also make an important component of the keyword strategy.

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