Skills of a Good Translator

Over the time tools, technology and technique of translation has changed greatly. Translators today should be master in a plethora of skills to meet the basic requirements of the industry. Linguistic skills alone are no longer enough to serve the purpose. Here are some of the many qualities that a good translator should possess in order to ensure a successful translation project:

Proficiency in native language: Mastering a foreign language is no doubt an important characteristic of a good translator but more important than that is proficiency in your own native language. Make sure you are not making any spelling or grammatical error. A good translator should be able to translate idioms and figures of speech as such that the essence of the content remains intact even in a different language and the content stays culturally relevant.

Unique research methods: You might be an experienced translator but it is inevitable that you will come across certain unconventional and foreign terms during translations. A good translator will put in extra efforts to find out the answers to difficult and challenging terms and phrases.

Careful selection of translation realms: Choose to translate for fields where you believe you can produce the best results. It is not necessary that a translator should be the master in all realms. Find out your strengths first and then translate for these fields.

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