Tips for Medical Translation Services

Medical reports can be one of the most challenging documents to translate given the nature of the document, the complexities, intricacies and technicalities involved and the use of medical specific terminologies and abbreviations. Here are a few tips for translating medical reports and documents:

  1. Sometimes it might not be necessary to translate all the pages of a medical report. Before you start the translation project decide whether a particular section needs translation or not. What needs to be translated and what not depends mostly on the purpose of the translation. If certain details appear multiple times throughout the details you can get them translated only once in the beginning.
  2. Another problem that might arise with translating medical reports is dealing with the drug names. In several cases, the medical reports may just mention the brand name for a medicine. Replacing it with an equivalent brand name in the foreign language can be one of the biggest mistakes you are making. Keep the brand name as it is but don’t forget to add the International non-propriety name of the drug with that.
  3. The most time taking part in the translation process can be deciphering the medical abbreviations in the report. There are several resources available online that can help you find the equivalent in English or any other language.

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