Multilingual SEO Tips for Targeting Global Markets

You might be selling excellent products and services but you will fail to attract customers if your website is lost in the pool of competitors. As such, the international audience is unable to find you. To improve traffic to your website in the key international markets you need a powerful multilingual SEO approach that is localised for each market and is a part of your global marketing strategy. Here are a few best practices:

Keywords: The biggest mistake people do in multilingual SEO is conducting keyword research in English and then translating it word-to-word in the target language. If you do not localise the keywords, you will lose the context of the keyword phrase and end up adversely affecting your brand.

Dialects and demographics: Think about the target dialects and demographics when choosing keywords. Find out how many languages and dialects are you targeting and who is your target audience? Remember, the same region can have people speaking different dialects.

Content quality: Don’t forget to be awesome when it comes to the quality of the content on your site. The tone and style of the content should reflect the local values and culture. The content should look like it has been originally written in the target language rather than a mere translation of the source document.

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