3 Main Challenges in Spanish-English Translations

Known as one of the most romantic languages in the world, Spanish has huge similarities with Portuguese and Italian. However, there are some huge differences that can be seen between Spanish and English and that make translating from English to Spanish and vice versa quite challenging. Here are the three main challenges that you face in English-Spanish translation:

  1. While translating any document from English to Spanish, keep in mind a simple rule- in Spanish, the adjective comes after the noun. However, this is not the case in English.
  2. In Spanish, words are placed in the order of subject, verb, object and the same happens in English. However, in Spanish more flexibility is allowed so that words that need more emphasis are placed at the extreme end of the sentence.
  3. Another thing to remember in Spanish-English translation is that in Spanish the use of words like “it”, “he” and “I” is not always required. This is because the verb tense change with the subject. However, in English you cannot do away with the subject in any case.

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