Italian Legal Translation

We translate all specialism of law, including, but not limited to, insurance law, employment law, civil law, criminal law and commercial law. We translate contracts, articles of association, case bundles, witness statements and all other related texts. Our team of Italian legal experts, who have been working in this field for years, carry out a thorough and scrupulous process to ensure accuracy in providing exactly what you require.

Italian Legal Translation

Clarity and precision is of utmost importance when translating legal documents as a trivial mistake can lead to major consequences. We understand the importance of accuracy and the sensitive nature required when translating any documents for use in legal disputes, litigation, criminal proceedings and arbitration.

Italian is a Romance language and belongs to the Indo-European family of languages. With more than 65 million native speakers, Italian is the third most widely spoken language in the European Union. It is the official language in Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, Slovenia and Croatia. It is also widely spoken in Albaia, Malta and Monaco. Italian language holds a very special place in music, as it is widely used in music terminology and opera.

Below are Italian to English translations of some common terms used in Law.

English Language Italian Language
 law la legge
 lawyer l’avvocato
 judge il giudice
 courtroom l’aula del tribunale
 bailiff la guardia
 witness il testimone
 jury la giuria
 jury box il banco della giuria
 prosecution il pubblico ministero
 court clerk il cancelliere
 summons la citazione
 writ l’ordine
 court case il procedimento
 stenographer lo stenografo
 suspect la persona sospetta
 defendant l’imputato
 defense la difesa
 criminal il criminale
 criminal record la fedina penale
 prison guard la guardia carceraria
 prison il carcere
 cell la cella
 evidence la prova
 bail la cauzione
 verdict il verdetto
 acquitted assolto
 appeal il ricorso
 parole la libertà per
buona condotta
 legal advice la consulenza legale
 court date la data di comparizione
 charge l’imputazione
 client il cliente
 warrant il mandato
 accused l’accusato
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