4 Tips to Prepare your Document for Translation

When translating a document, a proactive approach is what is needed. Before you send your important documents to the translator, make sure you have geared it up in the right way to avoid changes and amendments later. Here are four things that you must ensure before sending your document for translation:

  1. Check for typing errors, grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes in the source document. If the source document has certain ambiguous words and phrases make sure you have the right style guides, glossaries and reference materials in place to make the translation easy for the translator.
  2. If the document has certain text that is perceived as unfair or below the belt make sure you get them removed from the source document prior to the translation.
  3. Before you start working on the translation, analyse and find out words and phrases in the document that need more cultural consciousness from the translator or they can get lost in the translation. This is particularly important while translating advertising and marketing copies.
  4. If you are using a translation memory, you may need to convert files so that they can be easily processed in the system. Make sure you have converted them into the required format to hasten the process.

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