4 factors that determine the success of a translation agency

How do you think your audience will understand what you are selling if they are totally unfamiliar with your language. A translator, who is well versed in your target language, has adequate knowledge of the industry and a significant experience can help you make your content comprehensible to your audience. Here are three factors that will determine who you choose:

  1. Communication is extremely important. Make sure there are clear lines of communication between you and the translator. Make it easier for them to approach you in case of any doubt and get their queries answered on time.
  2. Make sure your translator or translation agency is using automated workflow to assure consistency across all translated documents. Using translation memory is recommended for content that is repetitive in nature. This will not only save your time but also ensure high quality and precision.
  3. Good translators know the importance of industry specific glossaries. These glossaries are particularly useful in translating technical documents. The translators work gets easier when they have access to right and updated terminology.
  4. The need for a review or proofreading of the translated document is indispensable. A quality check process will minimise the risk of errors and gaffes and reduce the chances of an inappropriate and inaccurate translation.

Certified Translation Services is one of the leading translation agencies in London that offers translations in more than 100 languages. The translation company specialises in document translation, website translation and localisation, desktop publishing, subtitling, voiceover, multilingual SEO and PPC, multilingual copywriting, transcription, proofreading and interpreting services.

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