3 Most Common Myths in the Translation Industry

Translated is a highly misunderstood term in the language industry. In several instances, businesses that approach their language service provider for translation, localisation or interpretation have little to no idea about what they are asking. Find out what are the three most common misconceptions about translation that translate agencies hear most often.

  1. Just because someone can speak two languages doesn’t mean that they can be a translator. A translator is someone who is an expert in the language and is familiar with the nuances of the language and the different dialects. Moreover they should have adequate knowledge about the cultural details of the language.
  2. Translators, not necessarily work both the ways. Most often people expect translators to translate into and from the language they know. However, most translators translate only one way i.e. either they translate from a language or to a language. This is because deep cultural understanding of the language is needed in order to be able to translate from one language to another.
  3. Another misconception associated with translation services is that with the development of machine translations, the demand for human translations will soon fade. No doubt, machine translations save time and cost but they end up creating inaccuracies, errors and gaffes.

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