4 Tips to Make your Voiceover Project a Success

A good voiceover is one that not only gives a perfect narration of the broadcast but also helps you develop relationships with your customers. Creating multilingual voiceovers is all about understanding your target market and your business objectives. Here are four tips to ensure that your voiceover project is carried out without a hitch:

  1. Planning in advance is the key to a successful multilingual voiceover project. Consider things like what is the target market? What is the objective you want to achieve? What is your budget? When you plan ahead you avoid delays and errors and save time and money.
  2. Choosing the right voice is as important as choosing the right language. Determine the accent, tone and the type of voice you need in your videos. Make sure the voice is suitable for the particular genre of your video.
  3. For a bilingual voiceover, make sure you choose someone who is well versed in both the languages. A poor accent can not only distract the listeners but also spoil your reliability and credibility in the market.
  4. Every language is different and when you are translating one language into another you may find that a literal translation of a voiceover script in a particular language may not fit into the allotted time in some other language.

Certified Translation Services offers multilingual voiceover services in more than 100 languages. The translation company also specialises in multilingual copywriting, subtitling, transcription, desktop publishing, website localisation, document translation, multilingual SEO and PPC and interpreting services.

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