4 Situations when you Need Transcreation over Translation

If you are looking to expand your ad campaigns to the international market you cannot underestimate the power of a successful transcreation project. Transcreation is a more detailed and creative form of translation and is something that has the potential to determine the success of your marketing campaign in the global market. But how do you decide whether your project needs translation or transcreation? Here are a few tips that can help:

  1. Determine whether the content you are dealing with is an original concept? Translating figures of speech and taglines of businesses are two entirely different things. If what you are dealing with is creative and delicate, nothing can serve your purpose better than transcreation.
  2. Identify the genre in which the target content falls. Is it plain technical material or a piece of marketing content? If it is the latter, go for transcreation over translation.
  3. Does the document that you want to translate have too much wordplay, cultural references, use of idioms, puns and humour? If yes, translation alone is not enough. Transcreation can help you deliver your message in a more effective way.
  4. Say yes to transcreation if the product or service that you are selling is offering something different in the target country than what it is offering in the domestic country. Transcreation will take into account these differences and change your copy accordingly.

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