3 Web Design Tips to Help your Website Go Global

Is your website ready for the international market? Whether you are launching a product or service in a new market or redesigning your website for a potential market, you have to ensure that it is at the ready for use by audience speaking an entirely different language. Here are three things that you need to ensure in your ecommerce website:

  1. Make sure your website design is suitable for the global audience while allowing for local content at the same time. When you are localising your website for the global audience make sure that the layout is consistent but the content locally relevant.
  2. When designing a website keep in mind to keep it translation ready for the future. Avoid embedding text in images as localising such images can get expensive. Instead of embedding next over the images you can use style sheets to place text over the images.
  3. Develop a gateway strategy that you can use for your global audience. With a global gateway strategy it becomes easier for the audience in all parts of the world to find the respective local version of your website, especially when they are on the .com version of your website.

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