3 Tips for Excellent Medical Transcriptions

Transcription is not a cinch and when it comes to medical transcriptions the task can be more challenging. Transcribing voice recorded reports as dictated by physicians require good listening skills, strong grammar and excellent typing speed. Here are some tips that will help you with medical transcriptions:

  1. Adjust the audio tone: If you find it difficult to understand the dictator’s voice adjust the tone to little or no bass. Reducing the bass as much as possible will make the voice sound clearer and comprehensible. If still there is some uncertainty in some paragraphs, get someone else to listen to those paragraphs and decipher them for you.
  2. No guessing: Avoid guessing, especially if the audio contains information on drug names, doses, signs and symptoms described by the patients and so on. Guessing this information incorrectly can have serious life threatening implications.
  3. A calm and quiet work area: Make sure that your workplace is quiet and peaceful. Speed and accuracy can be highly hampered if your work in ambient noise. Keep the regular office traffic away from the area where your transcribers are working.

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