The Basics of a Successful Voiceover Project

Successful voiceover projects need the right tools, technique and most importantly practice. Whether this is your first attempt at voiceovers or your umpteenth, it will never hurt to understand the basics of producing excellent voiceovers. Find out four fundamentals of creating good and functional voiceovers within budget:

  1. Don’t try to fake a voice or accent. Everyone has a unique voice and the strength of your voice is in that uniqueness. So rather than trying to be a voice that you are not, understand the strengths of your own voice and use it effectively for the script.
  2. Read and understand the script before recording the voiceover. This will help you better understand the bigger message that the script aims to deliver and adjust your voice accordingly.
  3. Recording a good voiceover requires the use of good tools. Find out which tools fit your budget and are easy to use. Some of these tools are- Adobe Audition, Sony Sound Forge etc.
  4. If you are stuck somewhere, take out some time to watch a few commercials. Identify their best elements and take inspiration from them on pacing, inflection, tone and style.

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