3 ways in which you can help your technical translator

The use of industry specific jargons, technical terminology, precision and consistency can make translation of technical documents a challenge. To get it done correctly it is best to partner with a professional translation company that specializes in technical translations. Here are three things that you can do for your translators to ease the process for them:

  1. For accurate and precise technical translations make sure that the source document is to the point and concise. The document should be written clearly and in simple words to ease the process of translation. You can also send reference materials and terminology resource to the translators to give them an idea about the style and tone you want in the translation.
  2. You can also help your translators by organizing and labelling correctly the files that need to be translated. Send the files in their original file format and carefully review the files for hard return spacing if any.
  3. Make the most of translation memory. Using translation memory will help the translator maintain a consistency with the technical terminologies and save the time required in translation.

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