2 Tips for a Successful Conference Interpreting

In international conferences, meetings and seminars conference interpreters are needed to ensure that there are no miscommunications and the event is a success. By taking some small steps right before the start of the event you can ensure that things are easier for the interpreters and the event runs smoothly. Here are two preparations that you should find yourself doing:

  1. Help the interpreters by offering them all the documents that are available related to the conference in advance. This will give them a fair idea about the context in which they will be interpreting. This will also give them the time to review specific terminologies related to the field for which they are going to interpret. Offering all relevant documents related to the conference to the interpreters before the start of the conference is particularly helpful in fields where specific terminologies and jargons are used.
  2. If possible provide the interpreters copies of speeches and presentations that are supposed to be delivered in the conference. Having an idea about what is coming up next will help the interpreters in improving the quality of the interpretation. However, the interpreter cannot depend totally on the script as there are chances that the speaker may deviate from the material while delivering the speech or presentation.

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