3 Biggest Examples of Transcreation adopted by Popular Brands

Transcreating a document is about making some cultural adjustments to the text such that the target audience find it linguistically sound and culturally relevant. Transcreation reinvents the message to make it appear more engaging to the audience. Here are three examples of how companies turned to transcreation when launching their products in different countries:

  1. When Coca-Cola entered the Chinese market, the biggest challenge before them was to transcreate their brand name for their Chinese speaking audience. Literal translation of the brand name turned out to be something like “female horse fastened with wax pole.” The following year, the company made its official launch in the country and slightly changed the pronunciation to keep the powerful meaning intact.
  2. Pajero in Spanish means tosser. Therefore, when Mitsubishi Motors launched its Pajero car in Spain, it failed t make a single sale. When the company realised the cultural mistake they had made they chose to change the name to Montero for the Spanish audience.
  3. Mc Donald’s was pretty smart with its transcreation approach. It transcreated it’s tagline “I’m loving it” for the Chinese audience into “I just like it” because they knew that the Chinese find it offensive to use the word “love” in public.

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