5 Most Popular Translation Strategies

Translation verbatim or literal translations can be erroneous sometimes, particularly when you have little to no knowledge about the culture of the target country. There are some popular translation strategies that can come to your rescue when you are facing a difficulty to find just the right translation for a particular word. Here are some of these approaches:

  1. Adaptation: In adaptation a cultural or social word/element is replaced with a different but corresponding word. Adaptation is ideally used in translating poetry, plays and ads.
  2. Loan: In this, the translated document will have the un-translated word from the source document written in italics.
  3. Modulation: In modulation, the translator will alter the message form in such a way that it sounds better in the translated copy.
  4. Transpositioning: The translator will change one part of the speech for another in such a way that the meaning of the phrase and the message is not disturbed.
  5. Equivalency: This is when you use a word whose meaning is a synonym of another word in the source language.

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