3 Things to Inform your Translator before Hiring them

Looking for a professional translator to translate your important documents? You can make the process simpler and easier for you by making sure that you update them with certain basic information related to your project. This will not only help in fast delivery of the project but will also ensure that you get a high quality, accurate and consistent translation. Here are three things that you need to inform your translators before the start of the translation:

  1. Inform the translators about the language of the source document and the target language in which you want to see the document. Send them a copy of your document in advance so that they can read and understand it before jumping into translation.
  2. Inform in advance the format in which you will send your source document to the translator. Whether your document is in PDF, Word, Excel, HTML or any other format. Preferably, send the document in an editable format. Your translators might change additional amount to convert the document into editable version.
  3. Discuss with them the purpose of the translation and the target audience. Inform them why do you want to get the documents translated and whom do you expect to read it. This will help them with the translation process and ensure that the translation is specifically tailored for the target audience.

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