How Transcreation and Localisation are Different from Translation?

When you are customising your content for a global market, translation alone cannot serve the purpose. Translation may fail to deliver the same message that the nuances, idioms, pun and humour in the original content intends to deliver. Transcreation and localisation can help you adapt your message for a different market and reach your target audience. Here’s transcreation and localisation are different from translation:

  1. When you translate from one language to another, you do not make any change to the content and context, you only transform from one language to another. On the other hand, in case of localisation the meaning stays the same and the content is only adapted to suit the target market. When you transcreate you create a different content altogether to meet the specific objectives.
  2. When translating you do not make any changes to the images, graphics and videos in the content. While in case of localisation and transcreation you change all images and design elements in the content to add something of cultural relevance.
  3. Transcreation and localisation results in a totally different message that is targeted and localised. But in translation the message is the same only the words are different. This means that content written for a target audience can resonate with an entirely new audience in a different language.

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