3 Things that make a Translation

Translating every language, to some extent can be a serious challenge to the translator. This is because every language, like every culture, comes with a set of characteristics that cannot be carried across to another. Find out what are the three most important things that, by no means, can be avoided in a translation:

  1. Accuracy: In the absence of accuracy in a translation, the meaning of the content can change drastically. The translated document should reflect the original document in all aspects and should not betray what the original document wants to convey.
  2. Tone: The tone of the translated document is equally important. It is indispensable that the translator understands the tone in which the original document is written and tries to incorporate the same in the translated version. The tone of the document, to a great extent, can change the large meanings of the text.
  3. Texture: Another thing to take care of and that is often the most challenging aspect is any kind of translation is recreating elements like rhythm and rhyme. Only someone who is capable of analysing and understanding the broader outlook of the original document and not just the verbatim can produce an accurate translation of the original content.

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