4 Tips on How to Record Audio for a Perfect Transcription

If you want a high quality and accurate transcription of your audio, you have to first ensure that the quality of the audio is unparalleled and top-notch. The quality of the audio will also determine how easy or difficult it is for the translators to produce a perfectly transcribed copy and how long the whole project takes. Here are few tips to record an excellent audio for a perfect transcription:

  1. Make sure the background noise is at the minimum. Microphones can easily pick up unnecessary background sound.
  2. Only one person should be speaking at a time and the voice of the speaker should be clear and slow. When there are multiple speakers, ask them to introduce themselves right in the beginning and remember to address people by their names during the course of the recording.
  3. If you have multiple speakers, make sure that the mic is placed at a point where it can easily capture the voice of all the people who are talking. Choose external microphones over built-in microphones and keep it closer to the speaker(s).
  4. When recording the audio choose a quiet place with the least interruptions. Choosing the right recording equipment and microphone is equally important. If you are using a digital recorder make sure that the voice activation is off to prevent words from clipping during a pause.

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