3 Things that Distinguish a Professional Translation Company from Others

No matter it is about translating your gobbledygook technical documents or about making your website comprehensible to an all new audience, a professional translation company knows all the rules of the game and how to play safe. Here are three most important things that differentiate a trustworthy professional translation company from any mediocre agency:

  1. A professional translation company will have a significant experience, the appropriate skills and adequate knowledge of multiple languages. If not then they should be well versed in at least two languages- the native language and the target language.
  2. It should be familiar with the culture of the country it is translating for. Information about the cultural background of the target audience will ensure that the final copy not only comes out as a translation verbatim but has subsequent cultural references to help the audience connect better.
  3. Qualification is another big factor that decides how good the translation agency will be. The translators should be technologically sound, linguistically adept and culturally updated to ensure that they can handle your translations properly. Moreover, they should be subject matter specialists in their specific niches so that you can trust them with your critical technical documents with the least doubt.

Certified Translation Services is a leading translation agency that offers professional translations in UK. The company specializes in technical, legal, medical, engineering, marketing, academic as well as website translations. Subtitling, multilingual voiceover, transcription, multilingual SEO and PPC and interpretation services are some of the areas of specialization of the professional translation company.

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