3 Tips for Immigration Document Translation

Planning to relocate to a different country? You will need to translate all documents that are in any language other than English. This can include your birth certificate, marriage certificate and even your work permit. Here are three things that should be kept in mind while getting your documents translated for immigration purpose:

  1. Any document that you need to submit for immigration purpose (other than your passport) if not in English, needs to be translated completely into English including everything from signatures to seals and stamps. The translation should be word-to-word or verbatim and any part that is unclear should be specified as “not legible”.
  2. The translation of such documents demands the accuracy of visual format as well. For instance, the translated document should have all seals and stamps right at that part of the page where it appears in the original document.
  3. The petitioner of the document cannot translate the document on their own. It is recommended to hire a professional translation agency that is proficient in English as well as the native language in which the document originally is. Hiring a professional translator will ensure the quality and accuracy of the translation.

Certified Translation Services is a premier document translation company based in London that offers excellent translation of all kinds of documents right from legal, technical, medical to immigration documents at competitive prices. The company also specialises in multilingual voiceover, transcription services, multilingual SEO and PPC, subtitling and multilingual social media services. Customers can also get their documents translated online.

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