3 Skills that All Simultaneous Interpreters should possess

The speed and urgency of simultaneous interpreting makes it both challenging and complicated. When you are listening and comprehending a speech and at the same time interpreting it in some other language, there are high chances of errors and gaffes. The secret to success lies in practice and that comes with time. Here are three skills that an interpreter should possess to make sure they do not lose track of what is being said and deliver an accurate interpretation:

  1. Those who are familiar with the topic and the speech pattern of the speaker will always have an advantage over others. You should be able to predict what is coming next whenever somebody is speaking. However, this comes with time and with lots of practice.
  2. Learn to increase the time interval between the start of the speech and the start of the interpretation. The longer the time the more likelihood of accuracy as you get more context before you start interpreting.
  3. Sometimes the speed at which the message should be delivered makes it difficult for the interpreter to include every detail and every nuance. Therefore, it is important for the interpreter to keep a watch that nothing is omitted in interpretation and this again comes through rigorous practice.

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