Different Types of Technical Documents that Need Translation

Whenever a software product is released, there are some technical documents that are published and attached to this product to attract prospects and improve sales. These documents can be of different types like manuals, guides or reports and educate the audience on why the product was launched at the first place and how to use it properly. Here are the different types of technical documents that need translation when you are introducing your product in the international market:

  1. Guides: These are step-by-step walk-throughs and how to’s that helps the reader accomplish something with the help of your software. This gives the reader a detailed way of doing a particular task from start to finish.
  2. Product feature documentation: This is a document that describes every feature and setting to the reader. This is most often needed by readers who are looking for something more than the most common features of your software.
  3. Troubleshooting documentation: This offers solutions to problems and describes how you can diagnose a problem. This is mostly used by support engineers rather than the customers.
  4. Marketing documents: The objective of marketing documents is to acquire new customers and enable prospects understand the features of a software solution quickly.

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