3 Common Mistakes to Avoid in Medical Transcription

Errors in medical translations can be fatal enough to jeopardise the lives of the patients sometimes. Whether you depend on some software to transcribe medical reports and prescriptions or get it done by a professional translator you have to keep an eye out for some common errors that can occur. Here are three common errors in transcription that you must avoid:

  1. Most prescription drugs have different dosage schedule for different patients. The amount of medication that is right for you might be an overdose for another. If you are using computer software to transcribe medical reports and prescriptions then different dialects and speech speeds can create errors which can be fatal.
  2. In the medical realm there are many terms that are so much similar in sound and pronunciation that they can cause disastrous consequences. For example, words like hypotension and hypertension and colostrum and claustrum may sound similar but are completely unrelated to one another.
  3. The medical glossary is also flooded with one of the largest collections of homophones, which are words with same pronunciation but different spellings and meaning. An error in transcription of these words can cause incorrect diagnosis and inappropriate medication.

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