4 Translation Tips for Newbie Translators

When it comes to translating from one language to another, things can get pretty complicated at times. The most ironical thing about translation can be that a good translation shouldn’t look like a translation. In fact, it should appear like the document has been originally written in the native language. If you are an aspiring translator or a newbie in the industry here are four things to keep in mind before you take up any project:

  1. Before you take up any translation project always demand to see the source document. This will ensure that the project is within your abilities, you are familiar with the subject matter and that the deadlines are met.
  2. Discuss with the client what kind of translation they are looking for, who is the target audience and the message that they want to deliver. Ask them about the tone and style of content they want in the translation.
  3. A well translated document takes time. Go through the original document carefully, paying attention to the language nuances, details and technicalities. Take adequate pauses and breaks and avoid translating the whole document in a go.
  4. Don’t forget your target audience. When you know for who you are translating it becomes easier for you to deliver the right message and in the right style and tone.

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