3 SEO Tips for a Successful Multilingual Website

One of the most important aspects of your digital marketing strategy should be optimising your multilingual website so that it can be found easily on the web. When you adopt and religiously follow these multilingual SEO tips it becomes easier for your potential customers to find you and connect with you. Here are three rules of thumb:

  1. Location is extremely important for search engines and users to find your website. When you suggest the search engines that your content is available for a particular audience either by using a top level domain name or through the Webmaster Tools, you increase the chances of search engines finding your website and placing it in the top SERPs.
  2. Spend some time researching and finding out the right keywords for each language. Choosing the relevant keywords for your primary language and translating those into the target language will not serve the purpose. Put yourself in the place of the searcher and then identify the keywords for each language separately.
  3. The meaning and message of the content can get lost in translation. Understand the needs of each market that you are targeting and create content that meets these requirements. Make sure the content is of high quality, unique, relevant and informative.

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