3 things your translator wants you to do before you send the document for translation

Translating a document involves a series of complicated procedures. To start with you have to prepare the document that you want to get translated. Doing this, will make it easier for the translators, cut down the translation time, improve the quality and ensure accuracy. Here are a few things that you should do before sending the document to your translator:

  1. Find out what kind of document the translation company is ready to accept. Whether they handle only digital files or it is perfectly okay to send them a hard copy of the document to be translated. Some translation companies might charge you additional cost for if you send them a scanned copy because they will have to manually create a digital file.
  2. Before you send a copy of your document for translation provide them a translation brief regarding how you would like the translation to look like at the need. Give them clear guidelines about the style and tone of the translation, the target audience and the deadline.
  3. A glossary of the industry specific terms and abbreviations will be of high value to the translators. Make sure you keep a glossary that can be offered to the translators to help them maintain the consistency of the translated content.

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