3 Essential Aspects of a Localisation Project

One of the biggest mistakes made by business that are planning to launch a new product or service to the international market is considering that it’s all about translation verbatim. However, what you need to focus rather than translation is localization. Here are a few things that you should take care of when starting a localization project:

  1. Language: Focus on how you need to adapt your voice and tone to be suitable for different locales. The style and tone of your document may be friendly and impersonal but that is not going to work in a country that prefers a formal and professional tone and style.
  2. Culture: Understanding the culture of a particular locale means having a clear understanding of the life, language and customs of the people living in that region. You have to ensure that all the elements in your app including the images, videos and colour combinations make as much sense in the target language as in the source language.
  3. Structure: In translation most of your content can exceed in length. This can make drastic changes to your design like cluttering the page or moving important call to action buttons out of the page. You have to ensure that all the elements on your screen are designed to expand and adjust accordingly after translation.

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