What are the Different Types of Transcriptions?

Broadly speaking, transcription means converting an audio or video file into a written format. However, transcription, in reality, goes way beyond that. Much of what needs to be delivered depends on the specific requirements of the clients. Here are the three main categories into which transcriptions can be classified:

  1. Verbatim transcripts: A verbatim transcription is when everything in the audio is recorded as it is with no alterations at any point. Note that this will also include incomplete sentences and phrases and emotions that the speaker’s voice displayed in the audio (like happiness, fear, excitement etc.)
  2. Edited transcripts: In an edited transcript, the translator can remove certain sentences from the audio but with caution that the meaning or message of the audio is not hampered. These can be time consuming and requires attention on what needs to be included in the transcription and what should be cut down.
  3. Intelligent transcripts: These transcriptions d0o not include emotions of the speaker and the half sentences. It is more direct than any other transcription and cuts down all those words that do not add any value to the transcription.

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