What your Interpreters Need for a Successful Conference Interpreting?

Interpretation is not just about verbal rendition of languages for meetings and conferences. It requires high level of preparation before you settle in the meeting room. To make things easier for your interpreter, give them access to the right documents relevant to your business and the upcoming meeting/conference. Here are few of those documents that can be helpful to the interpreter:

Agenda: The agenda is one such document that is full of information. It will give the interpreter knowledge about the schedule of the meeting, speeches and presentations, breakout sessions and a list of all the organisations and individuals those are participating.

Reports from previous meetings: This will give enough background information to the interpreters. They will get familiar with what your business is about, realms that will be discussed and will gain insight into procedural information.

Website: Your website is your best marketing tool and the best source to gain information about your brand. Make sure your interpreters have thoroughly gone through your website prior to the meeting.

Q and A session: Organising a pre meeting briefing or Q and A session prior to the conference will be enough to guide the interpreters and clear their doubts, if they have any.

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