4 Transcription Tips to Improve your Global Presence

When the question is about delivering your brand image and identity to your target audience, you cannot sell short your website, brochures, tagline and other marketing collaterals. The difficult part is, not everything can be translated word-to-word. By delivering your message through transcreation you can ensure that your customers see your brand exactly as you want them to see. Here are four tips to help:

  1. With the help of your language team, determine the tone and style of the content for each product and your brand as a whole that you want in each target market.
  2. Create a glossary or terminology resource of words, phrases, idioms, puns, product names, descriptions and other references that have no relevance to your target market.
  3. Take assistance from your marketing team to understand all your source documents and then decide what the core message should be for your brand. Communicate with your language service provider to discuss how you can adapt and convey this message effectively in different languages.
  4. Make sure you are dedicating sufficient time and resources for translation (probably more than translation) given the degree of specialisation involved in the process.

Certified Translation Services offers excellent transcreation services in more than 100 languages to businesses. The translation company serves almost all industries including ecommerce, law, business, public sector, media medical, manufacturing etc. Apart from transcreation the company also specialises in website localisation, document translation, interpretation, subtitling and transcription services.

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