What Makes a Good Translator?

If you think translation is all about changing words from one language to another you are wrong. There are many technicalities and rules that need to be followed to produce a high quality translation. But what is it that differentiates good translators from the bad? Here are three things that good translators do that make them what they are:

Check the source document: Scan through the source documents before accepting to work on them to make sure that the work is within your abilities. This will also give you an idea whether the deadline is feasible and that you have an understanding of the subject matter.

Identify the target audience: Discuss with the client about who the target audience is. Also, ask them what is the purpose of the translation and where will be the translated material published? Other than this you also need to enquire the style and tone of the translated documents that they expect.

Set a feasible deadline: A good translation does not happen without time and efforts. Go through the source documents carefully and point out errors (if any) to the clients. Identify the language nuances and technical terminologies and then set a deadline for the project.

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