The Ultimate Guide to Transcreation Services

Transcreation is when you adapt and transform a marketing concept to fit the target market’s culture. It is the process of reworking on a business’s documents and marketing materials while still appearing locally and culturally relevant. Here is a guide to transcreation, what it includes, how it is priced and what are the difficulties faced in transcreating a document:

How does transcreation differ from translation?

Wordplay, puns and idioms are an important part of advertising and marketing copies. But these can be extremely difficult to translate. Transcreation ensures that the original document and its impact are recreated for the target audience without necessarily delivering the same message.

How are transcreation projects priced?

Unlike most of the translation projects, transcreation projects are charged based on the number of hours and efforts put into to the project. Translating something and adapting it to a target culture is not something that can be priced on a per-word basis.

What are the challenges of transcreation?

One of the biggest challenges of transcreation is that you have to go through a hard time convincing buyers that transcreation is a totally different approach and thus need to be priced differently. Moreover, buyers fail to understand that transcreation resources are rare and in short supply compared to translation resources. Apart from this, a document translated into French can be translated into 20 other dialects of French with small changes. But in case of transcreation, you need to adapt for different markets differently.

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