4 Tips to Streamline your Swedish Translations

Before you send your business documents and marketing materials to a translator, make sure they are translation-ready. This will reduce the overall time spent in translation and streamline the process for you as well as your translator. Here are four things to do before you get your documents translated for your Swedish audience:

  1. Find someone who can successfully communicate in Swedish, targeting your audience effectively and delivering your brand message appropriately. You can hire freelancers, professional translation agencies or use internal resources if you want to reduce the overall cost. However, hiring a Swedish translation company is recommended for professionalism and accuracy in the translations.
  2. Make sure the source document in Swedish is concise and accurate, even if it means editing the piece. This will ensure that the translated document also comes out clean and crisp. Review your source document for possible edits like metaphors, clichés and inappropriate cultural references before sending it to any translator.
  3. Scan the document for potential issues other than the text. Check the images and find out if they need to be translated or recreated for your Swedish audience. Make sure the images are not biased to a particular culture but are generalized.
  4. Whenever possible, provide guidelines to your translator to ease the translation process. This can include instructions on key terminology and use of abbreviations and slangs. You can also offer glossaries, style guides and terminology resources in Swedish to your translator.

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