Italian E-commerce Website Translation

With more than 65 million native speakers, Italian is a widely spoken language with huge demand in the website translation industry. When translating a website we at Certified Translation Services believe that it is not just about translating verbatim in the native language of your audience, but more about connecting culturally with them. Localizing your website gives your customers confidence in your business and we aim to assist in that process.

A business that sells its products and services in a global market but fails to communicate with the target audience in their own language will fall short when it comes to attracting new consumers. Businesses that are going global need to ensure that their audience can browse their websites and other resources in a language that they understand, which connects with them personally and thus helps in building trust.

People feel much more comfortable communicating in their native language. Thus developing a multilingual website is a highly efficient and a very cost effective way to reach new markets and leave an impression similar to what a localized business would give. This helps in bridging the communication gap between the business website and its users.

Italian Website & E-commerce translation

We have tremendous expertise in Italian website translation. Italian is a Romance language and belongs to the Indo-European family of languages. With more than 65 million native speakers, Italian is the third most widely spoken language in the European Union. It is the official language of Italy, Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, Slovenia and Croatia. It is also widely spoken in Albaia, Malta and Monaco. Italian language holds a very special place in music, as it is widely used in music terminology and opera.

Below are Italian to English translations of some common terms used in the Website, especially E-commerce translation.

Italian Language English Language
l’abbigliamento da uomo men’s clothing
la cravatta tie
la giacca jacket
i pantaloni pants
il cappotto coat
le scarpe di cuoio leather shoes
la camicia shirt
il cardigan cardigan
l’impermeabile raincoat
la giacca sportiva sport coat
il blazer blazer
la felpa sweatshirt
il pigiama pajamas
il maglione sweater
i calzini socks
l’abbigliamento da donna women’s clothing
il filo di perle string of pearls
l’abito da sera evening dress
il cofanetto portagioie jewelry box
il portafoglio wallet
la valigetta briefcase
la ciabatta flip-flop
asciugare con il phon blow dry


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