German Engineering & Technical Translation

We are experts in German technical translation. Our German engineering translation services include translating, Operation manuals, Technical reports, Safety manuals, Reports and proposals, Installation manuals, Plans, Equipment manuals, Data sheets, Technical drawings, specifications and many more documents as well audio/video files.

Technical translation is something that can be complex and accuracy is of pivotal importance in the field. From aerospace, automotive, electrical to the industrial sector, our translation service covers diverse fields of the engineering and technical realm. With significant experience and expertise in engineering translation, we can translate all your technical documents with clarity and precision while preserving the precise meaning of the document.

German Engineering & Technical translation

German along with Afrikaans, English, Dutch, Scots and Frisian, belong to West Germanic family of languages. The common feature which all these languages share are the many common lexemes, which is a unit of lexical meaning that exists regardless of the number of inflectional endings. Widely spoken in Central Europe, German is the co-official language in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, South Tyrol (Italy), the German-speaking Community of Belgium and Liechtenstein. It is also one of the three official languages of Luxembourg.

Below are German to English translations of some common terms used in the Engineering and Technical fields.

German Language English Language
das Labor  laboratory
die Laborwaage  scale
das Gewicht  weight
das Reagenzglas  test tube
der Bunsenbrenner  bunsen burner
der Dreifuß  tripod
die Glasflasche  glass bottle
die Klammer  clamp
der Versuch  experiment
das Thermometer  thermometer
die Schutzbrille  safety goggles
der Magnet  magnet
die negative Elektrode  negative electrode
die Batterie  battery
die positive Elektrode  positive electrode
die Mathematik  math
die Formen  shapes
der Umfang  circumference
der Mittelpunkt  center
der Durchmesser  diameter
der Kreis  circle
der Radius  radius
das Quadrat  square
der Winkel  angle
das Dreieck  triangle
das Fünfeck  pentagon
das Sechseck  hexagon
das Trapez  trapezium
der Rhombus  rhombus
der Zylinder  cylinder
die Grundfläche  base
der Kegel  cone
der Würfel  cube
die Pyramide  pyramid
parallel  parallel
gerade  straight
senkrecht  perpendicular
das Volumen  volume
die Abmessungen  dimensions
die Geometrie  geometry
subtrahieren  subtract
gleich  equals
addieren  add
die Zahlen  numbers
null  zero
eins  one
zwei  two
drei  three
vier  four
fünf  five
sechs  six
sieben  seven
acht  eight
neun  nine
zehn  ten
zwanzig  twenty
dreißig  thirty
vierzig  forty
fünfzig  fifty
sechzig  sixty
siebzig  seventy
achtzig  eighty
neunzig  ninety
hundert  one hundred
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