French Translation of Commonly Used Medical Terms – Part 2

Medical science is divided into numerous fields or specializations. A professional medical translator will not just have strong knowledge of languages, but of that specific medical field and the related terminologies as well.

The French language is a widely spoken Romance language which belongs to the the Indo-European family of languages, which is one of the world’s primary language families. It is the official of 29 independent countries which are, Africa, France, Canada, Madagascar, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Chad, Guinea, Rwanda, Belgium, Burundi, Benin, Haiti, Switzerland, Togo, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Comoros, Luxembourg, Vanuatu, Seychelles and Monaco.

Below are French translation of common terms used in medical documents:

Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries
French Language English Language
la sante Health
sterile sterile
la respiration breathing
sans connaissance unconscious
l’anesthesiste anesthetist
la salle d’operation operating theatre
la salle d'operation-operating theatre
l’injection injection
la chaise roulante wheelchair
la salle des urgences emergency room
la clinique clinic
le service de soins intensifs intensive care unit
la maternite maternity ward
les services departments
la cardiologie cardiology
l’orthopedie orthopedics
le thermometre thermometer
le thermometre-thermometer
la gynecologie gynaecology
la radiologie radiology
la pediatrie pediatrics
la dermatologie dermatology
la kinesitherapie physiotherapy
la chirurgie surgery
la chirurgie-surgery
la maternite maternity
la psychiatrie psychiatry
l’ophtalmologie ophthalmology
la neurologie neurology
la chirurgie esthetique plastic surgery
l’endocrinologie endocrinology
la pathologie pathology
l’urologie urology
l’oncologie oncology
le dentiste dentist
la dent tooth
la blessure wound
la blessure-wound
utiliser le fil dentaire floss
brosser brush
l’appareil dentaire braces
le dentier dentures
la rage de dents toothache
la fraise drill
la plaque plaque
l’extraction extraction
la carie decay
le plombage filling
la couronne crown
le chirurgien surgeon
le chirurgien-surgeon
la gencive gum
le nerf nerve
la racine root
la premolaire premolar
l’incisive incisor
la molaire molar
la canine canine
l’opticien optician
les lunettes de soleil sunglasses
les lunettes glasses
le cristallin lens
la retine retina
le nerf optique optic nerve
la cornee cornea
la grossesse pregnancy
la grossesse-pregnancy
les ultrasons ultrasound
le cordon ombilical umbilical cord
le placenta placenta
le col de l’uterus cervix
l’uterus uterus
le foetus fetus
l’ovulation ovulation
prenatal prenatal
la contraction contraction
le massage massage
la chiropractie chiropractic
l’osteopathie osteopathy
la reflexologie reflexology
la meditation meditation
la meditation-meditation
le reiki reiki
l’acuponcture acupuncture
l’hypnotherapie hypnotherapy
les huiles essentielles essential oils
l’herboristerie herbalism
l’aromatherapie aromatherapy
l’homeopathie homeopathy
l’acupression acupressure
la psychotherapie psychotherapy
la relaxation relaxation
le stress stress
la naturopathie naturotherapy
la guerison par cristaux crystal healing
l’hydrotherapie hydrotherapy
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