Arabic Translation of Commonly Used Medical Terms – Part 2

Medical science is divided into numerous fields or specializations. A professional medical translator will not just have strong knowledge of languages, but of that specific medical field and the related terminologies as well.

With millions of native speakers, Arabic is regarded as the lingua franca of the Arab world and is also the liturgical language of Islam. It belongs to the Central Semitic family of languages. Other languages belonging to the Central Semitic family of languages are Aramaic, Ugaritic, and the Canaanite languages of Hebrew and Phoenician. Due to extensive influence of Arabic in the fields of science, mathematics and philosophy during the Middle Ages, it left a great impact over many European languages. As a result languages such as Spanish borrowed a great deal of words from the Arabic language. Other languages influenced by Arabic are Persian, Turkish, Spanish, Maltese, Urdu, Kashmiri, Kurdish, Bosnian, Kazakh, Bengali, Hindi, Malay, Maldivian, Indonesian, Pashto, Punjabi, Tagalog, Sindhi and Hausa and some languages in parts of Africa.

Below are Arabic translation of common terms used in medical documents:

Medical & Pharmaceutical Industries
Arabic Language English Language
aS-SiHHa Health
an-nisaa’ wal-wilaada gynaecology
al-ashiAAa radiology
jarraaH surgeon
al-aTfaal pediatrics
al-jildeeya dermatology
al-Ailaaj aT-TabeeAee physiotherapy
isAaafaat awwaleeya first aid
isAaafaat awwaleeya-first aid
al-jiraaHa surgery
al-wilaada maternity
al-amraaD an-nafseeya psychiatry
al-Auyoon ophthalmology
ghurfa Aamaleeyaat operating theatre
ghurfa Aamaleeyaat-operating theatre
al-Aasaab neurology
at-tajmeel plastic surgery
al-ghudad aS-Samaa’ endocrinology
al-amraaD pathology
jurH wound
al-jihaaz al-boolee wal-kilee urology
as-saraTaan oncology
Tabeeb al-asnaan dentist
muththabit braces
Taqm asnaan dentures
alam bi-asnaan toothache
khalA extraction
Hashw filling
litha gum
Haadith accident
jidhr root
daaHika premolar
Tabeeb al-Auyoon optician
naZZaara glasses
Aadasaat laaSiqa contact lenses
qazaHeeya iris
shabakeeya retina
Aasab baSaree optic nerve
qaraneeya cornea
buAd an-nazar far-sightedness
qiSar an-naZar near-sightedness
al-Haml pregnancy
ikhtibaar al-Haml pregnancy test
al-Habl as-sirree umbilical cord
Aunuq ar-raHm cervix
raHm uterus
ibaaDa ovulation
wadA delivery
wilaada birth
Tabeeb tawleed obstetrician
al-qaySareeya cesarean section
thulaathee al-ash-hur trimester
al-wilaada childbirth
tasHeeH al-jism dhaateeyan chiropractic
tajbeer al-Aazm osteopathy
Ailaaj bil-yadayn reflexology
ta’ammul meditation
wakhz bil-ibr acupuncture
Ailaaj bit-tanweem hypnotherapy
Ailaaj bi-khulaaSaat az-zuyoot aromatherapy
Ailaaj bil-mithl homeopathy
Ailaaj biD-Daght acupressure
Ailaaj nafsee psychotherapy
tawattur stress
Ailaaj biT-TabeeAeeya naturotherapy
Ailaaj bil-miyaah hydrotherapy
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