French E-commerce Website Translation

People feel much more comfortable communicating in their native language. Thus developing a multilingual website is a highly efficient and a very cost effective way to reach new markets and leave an impression similar to what a localized business would give. This helps in bridging the communication gap between the business website and its users.

A business that sells its products and services in a global market but fails to communicate with the target audience in their own language will fall short when it comes to attracting new consumers. Businesses that are going global need to ensure that their audience can browse their websites and other resources in a language that they understand to connect with them personally and build trust.

We at Certified Translation Services believe that it is not just about translating verbatim in the native language of your audience, but more about connecting culturally with them. Localizing your website gives your customers confidence in your business and we aim to assist in that process.

French Website & E-commerce translation

We have expertise in French website translation. The French language is a widely spoken Romance language which belongs to the the Indo-European family of languages, which is one of the world’s primary language families. It is the official of 29 independent countries which are, Africa, France, Canada, Madagascar, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Niger, Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal, Chad, Guinea, Rwanda, Belgium, Burundi, Benin, Haiti, Switzerland, Togo, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Gabon, Djibouti, Equatorial Guinea, Comoros, Luxembourg, Vanuatu, Seychelles and Monaco.

Below are French to English translations of some common terms used in the Website, especially E-commerce translation.

French Language English Language
 les vêtements pour
 les vêtement pour
 women’ s clothing
 la parfumerie  perfume
 le linge de maison  linen
 l’ameublement  home furnishings
 la vaisselle  kitchenware
 l’électroménager  electrical goods
 l’éclairage  lighting
 les articles de sport  sports
 les jouets  toys
 la papeterie  stationery
 le caddie  cart
 la boulangerie  bakery
 les céréales  cereals
 la confiserie  candy
 les produits
 household products
 les boissons  drinks
 la viande et la
 meat and poultry
 les articles de
 les articles pour
 baby products
 la nourriture pour
 pet food
 pharmacy  l’officine
skin care  les soins de la peau
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