Best Practices for a Newcomer in the Translation Industry

Translation comes with its own set of challenges and difficulties. Without the required expertise and the relevant experience running a translation agency and translating complicated documents can be distressing and nearly impossible. If you are a new player in the game of translation here are top three tips that will help you get through it successfully:

  1. If you feel that a particular translation project is beyond your abilities it is better to turn it down in the beginning rather than delivering an incomplete and poor quality translation. You should have a fair idea of the realms in which you do not hold the relevant experience and the required expertise and take projects depending on these criteria.
  2. Make sure that you take projects with feasible deadlines. A little negotiation will never hurt. Don’t forget that the pressure of a tough deadline may hamper the quality of your translation which is something that you will definitely not want.
  3. Don’t agree to take up a project without going through the complete document right in the start of the project. Make sure that you have a subject matter expertise in the concerned niche and a team that is well versed in the target language before making any commitments.

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