3 Tips to Produce High Quality Technical Translations

When you are translating technical manuals, user guides or product details you are translating highly complex and intricate documents that demand attention to details and technical specifications. You not only have to ensure consistency and accuracy but also assure that the translated document is comprehensible to the layman. Here are three tips that may come handy when translating technical documents:

  1. First thing first, when you are translating a technical document make sure that the source document is accurate and error-free. Most of the translation bloopers occur due to improper source documents that get translated with the discrepancies and gaffes.
  2. Make sure you are using a simple language with less of industry jargons and technical terminologies. The excessive use of technical terms can make the translation appear gibberish and gobbledygook. In case there are certain industry specific jargons that you cannot avoid, make sure you create a glossary of the most used words and phrases to keep the translations consistent.
  3. Don’t forget to localise the images and graphs used in the document to make them appear technically correct and culturally relevant. Moreover it is important to make sure that the quality of the images used in the translated document is high.

Certified Translation Services is one of the leading technical translation services in London that offers high quality translations in multiple languages. Some of these languages are French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Dutch, Arabic and Italian. Apart from technical document translation services the company also offers translation of legal, academic, medical and engineering documents.

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