4 Reasons Why You Need a Translation Glossary

As important as a consistent style, tone and voice in a translated document is a consistent vocabulary. Creating a translation glossary will ensure that the language is stable and uniform throughout the document and the users get consistent translations. Here are four reasons why you need a translation glossary for your next translation project:

  1. A good glossary is necessary for a high quality and consistent translation. A translation that uses a consistent glossary in turn gives a better user experience. The use of key terms and terminologies will remain consistent throughout all sections in the website, translated documents and apps.
  2. Maintaining a translation glossary will help the audience in other countries identify the key words and phrases that define your brand. By keeping a consistent glossary you will maintain your brand unity while ensuring that your brand is protected as you go global.
  3. When the translators have access to a proper translation glossary they will have less doubts and enquiries and hence they can speed up the translation process.
  4. A glossary of those terms that appear frequently in your translations will help the translators automate certain parts of the translations making your translations less expensive.

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