3 Tips for App Translation Services

Does translating your app make no sense to you? Well, it does. It is more than obvious that an app that reaches more consumers has the potential to generate higher revenue and ultimately more business. In order to make sure that it reaches more people you have to first make sure that it is available in more than one language. Find out the three most important things you should keep in mind while translating your app for a foreign market.

  1. Localisation is extremely important. When it comes to translating your smartphone apps, a word-to-word translation is not sufficient, localisation is necessary if you want to connect to the audience in a foreign market. By localisation you will make your app culturally relevant for your target audience. Localisation involves incorporation of humor, puns, images and formats that are relevant to a particular culture or country.
  2. Before translating the whole app, translate only the app store description. With this you can find out which foreign language market tops the charts in the highest download of your app. After you have translated the description, carefully record all the activities that occur relevant to your app.
  3. It is recommended to include localisation of your mobile phone game app during the final test process rather than in the post production process. Doing this will improve the distribution and sales of your app in markets that speak a foreign language.

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