3 Biggest Problems Faced by a Translator

Out of the multiple purposes served by language, communication by far is the most prominent one. If it fails to deliver the exact message that you are trying to convey, then it is hardly of any use. A translator tries to convey a message that is originally in some other language to an audience that speaks another language. In doing so, they have to face a number of challenges. Some of these challenges are mentioned below:

  1. The structure of one language is different from that of another. The language structure plays an important role in determining the accuracy of the translation. The simpler the structure of the language, the easier is the translation.
  2. Translating the idioms and expressions in the source document is yet another challenge that comes in translations. Certain idioms that suggest a different literal meaning may have an entirely different idiomatic meaning. In such a situation, it is necessary that the translator is familiar with the culture of the target market.
  3. Certain words may have two or more meaning depending on their usage in the sentence. There are words that sound similar but differ in meaning. These are called homonyms. Then there are words that sound different, are spelled same but have multiple meanings. These are called heteronyms. Making proper use of both the types of words can be a challenge for the translators.

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